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High-Tech Heels

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Technology has become a predominant feature in our everyday lives. From our phones and watches to even our cars or clothes.

Ever fancied walking on air? Well, Samara Booties came up with a pneumatic (air-filled) technology in the ball of the foot. This means you step on air before making floor contact. This serves chiefly in reducing gravity and shock impact on your feet, calves, and knees. With this innovative technology, you can last longer on these heels than you can with traditional heels. Traditional heels aren’t made with comfort in mind, but High Performance High Heels are.

“Combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship. I believe this is where the future lies” - Katrien Herdewyn, Creator of Elegnano 3D printed high heels.

ThunkTronix are super techno heels that look like they’re straight outta the 70’s. When they’re switched on, the heels rotate through a sequence of dancing LED animations that dazzle the eye, much like a vintage pair of Nike Air Max Lights. Unlike those classic kicks, however, these babies have a lot of LEDs…322 to be exact.

The most common technology used in high heel shoes is 3D-printing. Many designers such as Kerrie Luft, Pauline Van Dongen, Andreia Chaves and Zaha Hadid have explored the industry of fashion tech through 3D Printing their own collection of high heel shoes. Although some of the designs are slightly unconventional and definitely not the everyday woman, this technology can be implemented to create custom shoes and bespoke heel styles.

Right now we have started to use our own tech and are creating various prototypes for our adaptable high heel shoe through 3D-printing. This method can be time consuming but it ensure that the level of precision and detail required is exactly what we want.

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