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Sacrifices We Shouldn’t Have to Make

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

A crimson chiffon blouse slid over my head and hugged my shoulders as I pulled my trousers to my waist, fastening the clasp. My favorite black heels sat on the floor as I slid my feet into nude flats. Before leaving the house, I grabbed my keys and carefully joined my two black heels together, stuffing them in my purse.

I was about to spend a full day interviewing with top media organizations like the Associated Press and the Arizona Republic...with two pairs of shoes. 📷

My commute, which involved driving and riding my bike, did not however, involve heels. Despite how comfortable my black heels were, they were not about to do the dirty work of my flats-- ensuring I can drive safely, walk quickly to my interviews and above all, ride a bike.

As I prepped for for my interview, I slid into my black heels. Now it was their time to shine. I walked down the hall to my first interview. With each step, my heel made a click as they hit the freshly polished floor.

No one can mistake the unique sound of heels clicking on the floor. It’s the sound of confidence and power.

Feeling confident and powerful, especially in a workplace environment, is important to many women, but we often give these up for comfort and sometimes reluctantly choose to wear flats.

It is time for a shoe that gives us confidence without sacrificing comfort, mobility and safety.

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