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The Journey So Far...

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Hello my fellow high heel lovers!

Like many women I love wearing high heels, there’s something about a pair of heels that change the way I feel. I have any type of heel style you can name from wedge to stiletto, BUT they can be a nightmare to walk in. I’m 100% sure women wearing high heels can relate that every time I wear my heels, at some point during the event, my feet hurt like crazy and I either take my shoes off, have to sit down or power through. I admit I do take flat shoes with me when I go out because I’m just fed up of dealing with this pain!


The concept of Y-heels came about when I was 15 years old and one evening, after a party, I saw all these women hobbling in their high heels and I thought to myself...

“what if you could just take the heel of the shoe off and walk in a flat shoe, wouldn’t that be so easy”.

So the idea sat with me till my final year at Brunel University where I decided to create this adaptable high heel shoe for my dissertation. It was a success! I had done all the research, talked to tons of people and created a basic prototype.

They even wrote a small article about my project! Click here to have a read.

After I finished uni, like every graduate, I sat around looking a job wondering what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. One day I decided I was going to apply for the Central Research Laboratory Accelerator programme to see if I could develop my shoe further. I was keen to see if this idea could take me somewhere as it had always been my dream to start my own business. A few days later they called me in for an interview where I presented the problem and my current solution. A week later they told me I had been accepted onto the 6 month hardware accelerator programme and will be working with some incredible people to help me develop myself as a business woman as well as my product. So since then I have been working with them to develop the product more and potentially build a fully functioning prototype. Click here to view my feature.

So that’s the story behind Y-Heels…I will be continuing to post about the journey and about general topics (high heel related of course) so stay tuned and welcome to the Y-Heels community!

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